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Life as a Cabbit Chapter 8
-:=Narrator's Point of View=:-
"SO it's her fault... She's the reason for my mum and dad... dieing..." the young cabbit though hatefully, though he had heard the story he wasn't taking into account that Keppan was the real murder of Eggman's other half, not his older sister Louise.
"Come on then," Sapphire said smiling at the young cabbit male who looked up and nodded at her.
"So now ya know," Louise said smiling softly, her hands in her pockets and her head lightly hung. Everyone though she was upset, that was everyone except Matthius, he had known her since the first day back, and straight away he had already went to work on figuring out the female cabbit.
"Yeah... sorry sis-" Lucas began but Louise lightly shook her head and open her eyes which now seemed to have a soft, relieve gaze.
"Nah it's okay, they needed to know... and thanks for reminding me about lil Luke..." Louise said as she mentally set herself a task to find her brother.
"Hey Emerald," piped up a new voi
:iconlilmewy:Lilmewy 2 1
You're cute by DragonChan
Mature content
You're cute :icondragonchan:DragonChan 7 21
Sculpture and Reflection by PickleWeasel Sculpture and Reflection :iconpickleweasel:PickleWeasel 1 11 Pony Colt by PickleWeasel Pony Colt :iconpickleweasel:PickleWeasel 5 14 Light at end of Prison Hall by PickleWeasel Light at end of Prison Hall :iconpickleweasel:PickleWeasel 3 17 Lake Inferior by PickleWeasel Lake Inferior :iconpickleweasel:PickleWeasel 1 9 Beamer's Ophelia by KissmyLasso Beamer's Ophelia :iconkissmylasso:KissmyLasso 7 25 Leafa Elf Maiden by KissmyLasso Leafa Elf Maiden :iconkissmylasso:KissmyLasso 16 16 Mewy the Siamese kitten by Lilmewy Mewy the Siamese kitten :iconlilmewy:Lilmewy 13 3 Mermaid Lil by Lilmewy Mermaid Lil :iconlilmewy:Lilmewy 1 3 Fairy Princess Fiona by rosalarian Fairy Princess Fiona :iconrosalarian:rosalarian 28 18
Life as a Cabbit chapter 1
Some of you may think being a cabbit is easy, wrong, aspecially in school. See when your a hybrid or have more than the normal amount of tails you tend to get picked on more than the nerdy types. My name? Louise. I have one other brother and our parents were murdered just for having us. My brother is my twin and his name is Lucus, we're both cabbits. He seems to get the upsides of being a cabbit whilst I get the downsides. Well anyway most of our school life we've been together untill recently we started high school. Where we haven't had all of our lessons together. Well he's had all the friends he could wish for whilst I've only had a few traitorous friends. That was until 10th grade.
Like normal I was walking along the corridor just trying to get to my homeroom to get this year's timetable. That was until the demon group came along.
"Oh lookie here, it's the hybrid freak." Cooed one of the witchs I wish I could set alight.
"Her brother is more attractive than her," mocked another. I
:iconlilmewy:Lilmewy 3 8
Life as a Cabbit chapter 2
Early morning and something was poking my cheek. That something was gonna get bitten if it didn't stop soon.
"wake up," his, voice rang.
"Screw you Lucus, I deserve some kind of sleep in," I replied groggerly.
"But we're gonna be late for school if you don't get up!" Lucus replied in a painiced voice. I quickly jumped out of bed, got ready, noticing my door was now broken. Ran into the kitchen making something to eat and headed off.
"Louise! I was only kidding!" I heard Lucus whine. "Come back and make me breakfast!" He whinned. Man I 'loved' my brother in the mornings. For the hole of last year he kept using exscues to get me out of bed. Which all kind of worked besides him having to make his own breakfast whilst I dashed out the building.
"Morning," Said Matt, how ever I stayed quiet.
"What's wrong?" He asked as we got close to the crossing where was saw our other friends split.
"Lazy brother." I growled, seeing him flinch at the amount of hatered in my voice. I streche
:iconlilmewy:Lilmewy 4 2
Life as a Cabbit chapter 3
The week had gone by so quickly and thanks to my friends I hadn't been in a single fight since Tuesday. Well anyway today was Friday, the last day of the week and people are usually more rowdy. Strangly enough it was dead quiet.
"Okay, unless Toukon died this is weird..." I commented a little worried.
"It isn't a teacher's day is it?" Fayth asked. I shrugged and then I noticed someone was missing.
"Guys I'll meet you up at Maths," I said and quickly dashed away before they had a chance to protest. I got to the entrance and heard a chanting.
"Please don't tell me their being up Ryouya again." I muttered to myself as I kept running ahead. Soon I got to the crowd and was through into the middle, to come face to face with Ryouya who was badly injuried. Rage ran through my veins as I swiftly knocked back the first five rows of people, maybe killing the ones who where in the first row, and got swiftly beaten up by the other five rows. Not before shouting out for help as Hetakuso - the pervy
:iconlilmewy:Lilmewy 3 7
Life as a Cabbit chapter 4
During the weekend we'd played more games, less involving Truth or dare, since someone truthed me about truth or dare. I kept getting put into bed by everyone seeing my body wasn't getting the rest it needed from that little ruff house that happened. I ended up being strapped to the bed to stop me from getting up which I gladly showed my distaste for.
Soon it was Monday and the morning had gone well... so far.
"Hello cutie, what's your name?" rang the voice of our very own -what I asumed- whore, Lineya.
"Lineya leave my brother alone already, it's bad enough he's a sex driven teenager," I grumbled.
"Aww why Hybrid freak?" She in her ever so anoying tone.
"Because I don't want my brother having to deal with a stupid blonde-acting person such as yourself." I shot back. She put on her most unhappy face then stormed off and I grinned.
"Hey, Spermy!" a red hedgehog's voice called out, I sighed and felt sorry for the new kid who's new nick name was that as I entered my science class with Mat
:iconlilmewy:Lilmewy 3 6
.:: Sailor Flora ::. by KittanyLilac .:: Sailor Flora ::. :iconkittanylilac:KittanyLilac 9 23



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It's that time of year again!
I'm doing a secret Santa with secret Santa exchange this year.  SSE 2014! (LAST DAY TO TURN IN YOUR GIFTS) Has anyone not received a gift yet?
Please turn in your gifts! If you can't make it on time, let me know and your secret santa know!
YOU MAY UPLOAD YOUR GIFTS TO THE 2014 SSE FOLDER! ♥ if you have any questions, please contact me! you have until the 31st to turn your gift in!

What is Secret Santa?
Secret Santa is a Western Christmas tradition in which members of a group or community are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift.
In this case, you guys. I'll be assigning you each a person randomly based on your talents, and you shall create a gift for them!
Where can I sign up?
Right here in this journal! Leave a comment below saying you would like to sign up, along with a link to your journal with your wishlist in it. If you sign up and later decide you can't do it and drop out, you can't participate in the next secret Santa event.
Sign-Ups Period: O

For my wishlist, I would love for my Secret Santa to draw my boyfriend and I (Here's some references - ).

Or alternately a picture of Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online (Reference -… ).

I'd love it if you had whichever couple you choose to draw in some silly moment that you would expect to happen in a relationship. (P.S. My boyfriend and I are kinda nerdy if that helps...we love retro games and QI and we're wearing matching portal necklaces in in 1 of the pics)

I hope you have with this and thank you!
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